Employee Development

Employee Development


Unlock your biggest potential – Passion for People as a mentor to your team


Your employees are your key asset – employees enable companies to distinguish themselves from the competition!


Employee development and HR coaching services with Passion for People – why coaching and what does it involve?

Coaching executives involves helping the coachee (client) to fulfil their responsibilities within the company effectively. From a senior management perspective this approach is aimed at maintaining or increasing the executive’s performance capability. As far as the coachee is concerned, the reflection and clarification processes involved in business coaching frequently lead to more satisfaction in the workplace, to greater confidence or peace of mind for the executive in the role they play and to greater professional motivation. This way the company and the executive benefit equally.


Typical topics where a company consults a business coach include:


  • Enhancing leadership skills or clarifying leadership style
  • Conducting change management processes
  • Team-building, team conflicts, teamworking ability
  • Dealing with the discrepancies between stated corporate culture and observable employee conduct
  • Formulation of goals, career planning
  • Developing personal strengths profiles, unlocking personal potential
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