Employer Branding

Employer Branding


We work on enhancing your appeal


    We help you
  • to analyse your qualities as an employer
  • to develop your employer positioning
  • to generate a credible employer promise
    By involving your employees, focusing clearly on recruitment and applying a suitably creative HR concept, we ensure that your employer brand is promoted in the employment market in a sustainable way.

    We analyse your corporate culture by means of
  • an analysis of values and culture
  • one-on-one interviews, employee surveys and focus group workshops
  • target-actual analysis and comparison of your current and desired employer image

    We align your employer positioning based on the following criteria:
  • business & future viability
  • employee involvement
  • employee engagement 

    The end of the strategic employer branding process delivers a striking employer brand that incorporates employer qualities with as much brand potential as possible. A persuasive employer promise is communicated via taglines and imagery. Finally your employer brand is translated into tangible communication media, such as websites, advertisement templates, visuals, flyers, roll-ups and much more besides, based on text and visual motifs.