HR Potentialanalysis


We mentor your HR strategy and tap your employees’ potential


The potential within companies’ own human resources gives them an advantage over their competitors!

Future requirements are being aligned with forecast employee qualifications in a structured way.
The growing shortage of skilled manpower means that companies have no choice but to draw on external resources and their own reserves. An analysis of HR potential enables companies to fill “key positions” in a targeted way and to develop their own employees to take on new responsibilities (complemented by “coaching services”). In contrast to employee assessment, this analysis of potential does not focus on current or past performance, but helps determine future skills factoring in corporate strategy and its continuous adaptation to new challenges or tasks.

Passion for People ensures corporate HR transparency, HR planning certainty and optimum employee deployment


We ensure that your company is successful by:


  • highlighting the impact of employee potential and HR decisions on company turnover
  • achieving increases in productivity through motivated employees
  • Kidentifying your employees’ core skills and building effective teams
  • presenting a tangible valuation of the know-how in your company and the costs of retaining that know-how

    We enhance your HR processes by:


    • optimising your job descriptions
    • identifying mental underload and overload as well as know-how redundancies
    • measuring the results and effects of junior staff planning and training
    • identifying know-how loss in good time
    • simulating the impact of HR decisions

      We put potential in the right place and increase employee satisfaction by:


      • building effective teams
      • ensuring the necessary breadth of knowledge
      • unlocking hidden talent
      • setting up a prevention mechanism in the workplace health management system
      • proposing a meaningful system for developing employees with potentia