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We lay firm foundations for rapid yet steady growth

Companies are experiencing a sea change! Old certainties are being thrown overboard – Where are we headed? For all the uncertainties – HR has to change! What are the challenges facing the successful execution of HR policies in a disruptive environment?
Start-ups in particular need to focus their strategies from scratch on a changed perception of value, on the need for collaboration, on striving for excellence and on ongoing digitalisation of a new world of work.


Passion for People is a meeting place, learning space and playing field for innovative HR solutions.

Passion for People delivers tangible solutions for 4 topic areas:
PEOPLE – Advancement through collaboration

How can silo and departmental thinking be eliminated? How do you generate new knowledge?
Which co-working spaces and innovation hubs are appropriate? How do you entrench collaborative approaches? What viable job and management models can be derived from that?
PURPOSE – Advancement through values

How can a sense of purpose be provided in organisations?
To what extent is it possible to engage with generations Y&Z better and create an attractive employer brand?
What paths lead to employee engagement, cultural fit and compatibility of family and professional life?
PROGRESS – Advancement through digitalisation

What are the challenges and potential of a digitalised world for HR?
What are appropriate solutions and responses to Work 4.0, social recruiting, HR analytics, digital leadership, working with machines etc.?
PERFORMANCE – Advancement through excellence

What approaches are responsible for innovations and peak employee performance? How do you enhance performance management, HR development or the candidate experience?
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